Nanotronics Official at CS Mantech

Nanotronics Imaging LLC, is introducing the nSPEC(tm) semiconductor analysis system next week at the CS Mantech show in Palm Springs, California. Cutting-edge proprietary software and hardware underlying nSPEC(tm) enables rapid, and detailed analysis of wafer defects. Complete system automation with cassette-to-cassette loading of 2"-8" wafers is available. Nanotronics promotes "Point and Shoot" microscopy, as it aims to eliminate a learning curve for users, while giving accurate and easy to interpret data.  

Nanotronics Imaging is proud to announce new Vice President Ivan Eliashevich, Ph.D. who brings a level of expertise in the semiconductor industry that is unique. "I knew Ivan as client, who helped me to understand wafer technology. He is honest, knowledgeable, and a powerful proponent for the customer and supplier. I feel lucky to have him as a part of our team", says CEO and founder Matthew Putman.

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