Magnificent Chaos

For the last 5 years I have waited to release this book for two main reasons. The first is that I wanted the prefect illustrations which didn't just fit the poetry, but added beauty beyond my imagination. Marine Putman did this with a force and tenderness, which not only speak to the power our her work, but reminds me of her dedication to our family. The second reason that I wrote these poems in a very challenging time of my life, and I wondered whether they were specific to me, or more universal. I don't know that answer yet, but being removed from them as I am now, I see them as poetry and science making a push for my survival at the same time. I don't know if this will come through for the reader, but if so, thank you for seeing it. If not, thank you for checking out the book anyway.

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Definition of Insanity

The film now available on DVD and DOD. This is a critical masterpiece, starring Robert Margolis, and featuring Peter Bogdonovich. Marine and I were lucky enough to be producers. After 6 years, the word keeps spreading. Amazon - Definition of Insanity

The Gowanus Recordings"

A quintet of Free Jazz musicians. Samples from the passionate, and critically acclaimed recording can be heard on this site. To by a copy go to 



This new release is now available on I-Tunes, and most other on-line retailers. I-Tune Matthew Putman

Technical Article on Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing using oscillatory shear and dynamic compression Buy this Technical Article

Technical Article On Silica Dispersion

The effect of silica dispersion on physical properties.: Buy this article

Wake Up!

I am lucky to be the Producer and to play on a track on this recording. This band is earth shattering and ground breaking. Don't miss this. Wake UP! CD

Wake Up!

Now available on I-Tunes.