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Matthew Putman: Links and Blogs

Magnificent Chaos

The full book of Poems by Matthew Putman and Illustrations by Marine Putman

Nanotronics Imaging
Microscopy and Software company. Founded by Matthew Putman and John Putman. David Larkin, Founding Board Member.
Converging Minds Interview

Interview of Matthew on Broowaha

TED Profile
Towpath Productions
This is the official website for the production company of Marine and I.
Singularity Weblog

This is an interview about everything from education and science, to death..


Converging Minds
This is not a real blog, as I hardly ever write, but from time to time, when I have a thought, I write it here. Feel free to check it out.
MIT Technology Review
This section of the MIT Technology Review features some of my blogs on technology, science, and philosophy.
Matthew Putman on the Arts and Sciences
This is a new blog of reviews, and thoughts about art and science.
Black Art In America
In Search Of Labs
This is a blog, really esays, on my search of research labs thorughout Europe, and the United States.

These are thoughts on film.

Science papers

dispersion paper
technical article by Matthew
Quality Control Article
Technical paper by Matthew and his father John Putman who often collaborates with him
This is one of MAtthew's 4 patents, co-invented with John Putman, Joe Bulman and Brad Henry

Original Poems

Night Fryer
Hunt And Gather
Published Poem by Matthew
Published Poem by Matthew
Music Dowloads of Matthew
This is the recently published poem "Park"
Poem recently published by Matthew
The Externalist
Poem "Song of The Urban Thrush".

Theatre and Film

my myspace page
Definition of Insanity
The Award winning film Marine and Matthew Putman were Associate Producers of.
Link to Video Preview of Perdita
This is a video made for a previous production, but it is a good preview for the play perdita by Pierre-Marc Diennet, which MArine and I are producing, and opens on Theatre Row in Novemeber
Matthew's Ideas
This is not a real blog, as I hardly ever write, but from time to time, when I have a thought, I write it here. Feel free to check it out.
Perdita Website
This is the official website for the production of Perdita, which will open in November off Broadway.


Correlation on I-Tunes

Finding cohesion and even subject when creating a recording or a work of music has a long tradition. As someone who improvises, there are times when finding meaning before a session or performance is exactly what I try to avoid. Life is rarely lived in the moment, and for me at least, music is an exception. This however does not mean that there is not a greater unity to the music I play. It is after all a reflection of that time and place, and often only in retrospect do I see how the pieces relate to each other and to the other experiences in my life as a whole. The name “Correlation” is meant to be taken literally. I don’t need to spell out the meaning of each track, as the listener can certainly do that, if there is indeed meaning at all. For a scientist this same process happens. I run experiments and only later analyze them to see if the experiment showed anything useful. I, and most scientists, use a variety of statistical models for this. If there is statistical significance that one test relates to another we see a correlation. This recording has a perfect correlation to my life, and as a group these pieces fit into the narrative and emotions of my life in that moment that they were created.

I don’t mean this to be a puzzle for you as listeners, as I would prefer that you just enjoy the music as it fills your life in some ways. If you are however interested in some factors that contribute to the correlation, there are several subtleties. I play in 5 different keys throughout the recordings, but in all of them I am anchored around an A natural, even when that note is not a natural fit in the chosen key. When it is anchored throughout the work however, my hope is that it is not a shock to the ear, but rather like a hidden tonic. It is a home base, even when home may be a different key.

All of this is rather intellectual, while the creation of this music was not. Whatever meaning any of us bring to it now, my hope is that the emotional response is not lost. Also, as with art in general, the correlation is not fixed. All of our perceptions and responses will change in time. The curve fit of will morph as our experiences do, and I hope that we can all rediscover it and ourselves as that happens.



I-Tune Matthew Putman
Gowanus Recordings
This is the release of a new album. A quintet featuring, Demian Richardson, Daniel Carter, Fedrico Ughi, David Moss and Matthew Putman
MCP Charts
These are piano scores of some of Matthew's compositions